About Us

The Department of Mathematical Sciences of University of Tabriz was founded in 1969, under the name Faculty of Sciences, offered  only a B.Sc. degree in Pure Mathematics. In 1970 the M.Sc. in Mathematics was created. In 1996 a separate Department of Mathematics was established and the name Department of Mathematical Sciences was adopted.
     M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs in Mathematics were initiated in 1971 and 1993, respectively. There are over 200 undergraduate Mathematics majors, 263 M.Sc. and 117 Ph.D. students in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. In addition, the majority of Mathematics courses required for degrees in other departments at University of Tabriz is offered by this department.
      Undergraduates acquire basic knowledge of the principles of Mathematics as well as some understanding of computational and Applied Mathematics. The students may choose one of two orientations Pure or Applied Mathematics. The goal of the  undergraduate program is to train students capable of pursuing either professional careers or advanced graduate studies.

    M.Sc. of degrees may be pursued in both Pure and Applied Mathematics. An M.Sc. degree program in Computer Science was initiated in fall 1999. In the Ph.D. program, the students may work on any area of interest within the department such as: Algebra, Analysis, Geometry, Logic, PDE, and Numerical Analysis, Optimization, and Scientific Computing.

Last Update At : 08 May 2021