Department of Computer Science


Standing on a firm foundation of logic and discrete mathematics, Computer Science is the theoretical and practical exploration of the capabilities and potentials of computing machinery. The exploration includes the study of computer hardware, software, and human-computer interactions. In the process of this exciting exploration, computer scientists are continually expanding the horizons.

Founded in 1999 by Prof. Ayaz Isazadeh, the department of Computer Science is located in the main campus of University of Tabriz, building 11. Effectively, this department offers B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees and currently there are 170 B.Sc., 40 M.Sc. and 20 Ph.D. students involved in studying and research in 2 fields of computer systems and intelligence systems. In addition, we have close cooperation with the department of Applied Mathematics in accepting graduate students. Master`s and Ph.D. students admitted to the department of Applied Mathematics can choose their supervisor with the Department of Computer Science and work on topics in the areas of Computer Science.

We are a rapidly expanding department retaining emphasis on both teaching and research. Students are taught a combination of programming, theory, and hardware. This enables students to have a complete picture of the science and technology.

Our mission is to develop the Computer Science discipline through study and research, and to spread knowledge of the discipline through education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Currently we are preparing for an extensive work at the graduate level, while we regard undergraduate teaching as an important part of our mission.

Department Members:

  1. Prof. Ayaz Isazadeh, Founding Member of the Department.
  2. Dr. Jaber Karimpour.
  3. Dr. Shahriar Lotfi.
  4. Dr. Jafar Razmara, Department Head.
  5. Dr. Habib Izadkhah.
  6. Dr. Farnaz Mahan.
  7. Dr. Javad Hajipour .
Last Update At : 16 May 2018