Department of Applied Mathematics


Applied (or perhaps Applicable) Mathematics consists of mathematical techniques and results, including those "pure" math areas such as (abstract) algebra or algebraic topology, which are used to assist in the investigation of problems or questions originating outside of mathematics.

Applied Mathematics concerns the application of mathematics in a wide range of disciplines in various areas such as science, technology, business and commerce. Applied mathematicians are engaged in the creation, study and application of advanced mathematical methods relevant to specific problems.
Once this referred mainly to the application of mathematics to such disciplines as mechanics and fluid dynamics but currently, applied mathematics has assumed a much broader meaning and embraces such diverse fields as communication theory of optimization, theory of games and numerical analysis. Indeed, today there is a remarkable range and variety of applications of mathematics in industry and government, involving important real-world problems such as materials processing, design, medical diagnosis, development of financial products, network management and weather prediction.
The department of applied mathematics was established in 1996, when the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences was founded. It presently offers courses in Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate's degrees.
Undergraduate students of the department of Applied Mathematics account for a good percentage of those qualified students admitted to M.Sc. program through the National Entrance Examination held annually by the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. This, in turn, can be regarded as a clear indication of the capabilities of the department.
The library of the department, enjoying an easy access to Network facilities, holds an invaluable collection of updated books, numerous scientific journals, periodicals and magazines. The main research interests of the department are optimization (linear and nonlinear), numerical linear algebra, numerical analysis, differential equations (ODE and PDE) and integral equations.

Department Members:

  1. Dr. Ali Abdi
  2. Dr. Davoud Ahmadian 
  3. Dr. Robab Alikhani
  4. Dr. Fariba Bahrami
  5. Dr. Godrat Ebadi
  6. Dr. Gholamreza Hojjati
  7. Dr. Safar Irandoust-Pakachin
  8. Dr. Karim Ivaz 
  9. Dr. Mohammad Javidi
  10. Dr. Aliasghar Jodayree Akbarfam
  11. Dr. Rashed Khanjani Shiraz
  12. Dr. Hossein Kheiri
  13. Dr. Mehrdad Lakestani
  14. Dr. Hamidreza Marasi 
  15. Dr. Sadaghat Shahmorad
  16. Dr. Javad Vakili
  17. Dr. Masoumeh Zeinali
Last Update At : 08 May 2021